A poem and article in honour of the bodhisattva spirit on Burnaby Mountain Dedication: This poem and article is written in dedication to those who gave their life force to the protection of our Mother Earth and her children during the recent weeks at Burnaby Mountain. May the merits of your actions extend to all […]

This poem was written in two parts. I was asked to write a piece inspired by the first people’s, in India they are called the Adivasi. They are known by different names all over the world, collectively we refer to them as the indigenous peoples. This piece took me on a trek into the mountains, […]

“Your perception determines how you experience the world”, a voice rang in my head as I woke up this morning. I could feel how my first thoughts were having a chemical influence on my body and how I could change my state by changing my perceptions. I heard an inner command to “take control” of […]

This summer I lived in a Buddhist monastery for three months. When I tell this to most people their first reaction is that I’ve sentenced myself to some sort of prison. It’s not usually something they say out loud, but it shows up in their facial expression, body language and tone of voice. Our society […]

Evolution of Revolution – Emergence, Masculine-Feminine Balance & The Role of Love in Revolution In 2012, film-maker Ian Mackenzie and I participated in a year-long project called “Emergence”. We brought together individuals with a diverse skill-set and shared concern for social change to explore an emergent process for collective action. At the heart of this experiment was […]

A Guide for Meeting your Guru Authors note: In sanskrit, “Guru” refers to a spiritual teacher who leads a willing student to the realization of their true nature. This article uses the terms “Guru” and “Teacher” interchangeably A Guide for Meeting your Guru – There are numerous stories from spiritual lore of the fated encounters between […]

We have the capacity to think several centuries in to the future, start the task even if it will not be fulfilled in your lifetime. This generation has a responsibility to reshape the world.” – Dalai Lama Definitions for the purposes of this article: A Vision of Yoga for our Time Yoga: a combination of […]

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