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Nestled in the Ashland Mountains, join us for a four day immersive experience to journey within yourself. 

The Journey Within 

Oct 19-23 2023 | Ashland, OR

The Journey Within Retreat is a gathering of 25 Ismaili individuals committed to growth and expansion for a holistic weekend of yoga, interactive sessions, breathwork, dream exploration, meditation, and immersion in nature.

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If you’ve been craving a space to deepen your spiritual practice, this silent retreat is for you. 

Solstice Silent Retreat


Solstice is a time of stillness, an invitation to turn inwards and access the gateway of silence. In this donation-based silent retreat, you are invited to find the still point within as you sit, walk, breathe and listen to life within and without. 

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Create a transformative yoga practice for life based on ancient teachings and modern science

Inner Path Yoga Immersion


Learn yoga through an integrative approach combining classical yoga philosophy, psychology and somatic resourcing. 

Explore the yogic tradition as an open-ended system for cultivating ethical character, training the mind and realizing the Self.

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Integrate the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Sacred Sound & Psychotherapy Principles

Yoga Teacher Training

May. 3-31st, 2024 | UVITA, COSTA RICA

Learn to teach what you love and be transformed in the process.

Immerse yourself in daily yoga practice, mantra, philosophy, mythology, pranayama and anatomy as you develop the foundations to teach a holistic yoga practice.

Discover trauma-informed methods and the power of a decolonized yoga training that empowers authenticity while honoring the tradition. 

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