My commitment is to support you in developing greater freedom and self-awareness that makes this space possible.

To empower you with the tools and insights to create the life you want.

Between action and reaction there is a space. In that space is the power to see your story and choose your response. And in that capacity to choose lies your freedom, happiness and growth.

Here are some ways you can get counseling with me:

1:1 sessions

Patterns to presence


Release the issues in the tissues.

Find the truth beneath the stories and feel better

A holistic therapy deep-dive to transform your patterns


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Compassionate Inquiry, developed by trauma expert Dr. Gabor Mate, is a somatic-based psychotherapy where we get beneath our stories to the deeper truth within, restoring wholeness to fragmented parts of ourselves.

In addition to dialogue, we use mindfulness and body awareness to process the “issues in the tissues” on the level of the body, mind and emotions.

1:1 Sessions

Get to the root of your challenges and restore wholeness within.

If you have a problem in your life and you want to get to the root of it.

Have heard about trauma and want to explore it in a safe setting with an experienced guide

Maybe have done traditional talk therapy and want something more effective

Who is it for? 

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 Great teacher, calm, patient and good listener. No wasting time. We were able to get to the root cause immediately.

I can’t even call it a takeaway - more like a soul shattering revelation - I am still trying to process it.

Zamir has this ability to make you feel seen underneath the actual words you say.

We got to the root of my patterns, and observed not only the mental understanding, but also how my reactions live and are expressed in my body.

Clear, concise and is able to get to the root of the problem. 

 I thank him for acknowledging my wound and allowing me to feel it in my body and then releasing it.

I finally learned what living an authentic life means. 

Today I learned what I have been searching for for years–how to love and respect myself.

Client reflections

If you're looking to shift your core attachment patterns through a tried and tested program.

Have challenges in relationships with partners, parents or work

Want to understand and heal your inner child to reclaim joy and innocence

Patterns to Presence


Patterns to Presence is a personalized therapy program using behavioral science and psychosomatic therapy to relieve your anxiety and help your Authentic Self shine.

Co-created with behavioral scientist Sabrina Lakhani, this  program that has helped over 100 clients transform insecure attachment patterns.

Absolutely foundational work to create a secure partnership.

Who is it for? 


Ready to be less triggered, let go of the anxiety, and transform your insecure patterns?

Taking up what is offered in this program opens a doorway into a more authentic and loving future, by resolving past and ongoing inner conflict, and having a greater understanding of why and how others act and relate to others and yourself.

Opens a doorway into a more authentic and loving future


I’ve done so much therapy and reflection work, but I especially appreciate when people are able to point me to something new I hadn’t spotted myself, and so much of this program was that.


It’s AP Therapy - where you learn about yourself, your body, and your mind, and how they all work together, and how they can work for you vs. you working for them. It’s so different from regular therapy in that it gets to the actual root of the issue and works at chipping away whatever that is to make you feel more secure, more confident, and more at peace.

Absolutely do it. 100% worth the investment. It’s so different from regular therapy.



  • You're interested in psychedelic therapy but want an alternative

  • You don’t know what the problem is but want to experience a shift in your inner state to get a new perspective

  • You don’t want to talk it out, but need to express and release what's inside

Conscious Connected Breathwork

Access the universal medicine for body-mind healing

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a powerful practice that combines deep breathing, music, and a supportive environment to enable individuals to access various states of consciousness and release repressed emotions.

The benefits include increased self-awareness, stress reduction, emotional integration, enhanced creativity, and a deep sense of interconnectedness.

Who is it for? 

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I am breathing deeply with no pain.

Also that general emotional knot I feel in my chest has gotten smaller too. 

When I started to step out of the breathwork session, I was completely overwhelmed with emotion.

I let it all come out, and I felt pure bliss.

After the breathwork session I slept very well and the following day I was productive with little to no anxiety.

The breathwork - I still don’t have words for. It cemented for me that trauma is often stuck in the body and more importantly, that it’s possible to release it!