Yoga for healing and personal growth

each class is a journey.

1.5 hour classes

every tuesday @ Bridge & Enrich

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The subtle exploration of yoga opens access to deeper layers of experience

Yoga and Sound are gateways to take us beyond…through them we can explore the subtle experience of re-aligning to our natural state.

As we reduce struggle, mental anxiety and confusion caused by energetic imbalance, this leads to healing and growth through self-awareness.

Weaving yogic theory with active practice, Yoga & Sound takes you beyond the stretch to discover a practice of greater depth.



While each class is a journey, chakra theory provides a foundation for a themed exploration of each class.

What you learn

Asanas in depth - Less is more. We go deep into a select range of asanas each class, exploring the physical, mental and emotional possibilities they present.

Breath - We explore yogic breathing with awareness, learning how to use the breath as a tool for creating or dispersing conditions in the body & mind.

Sound & Mantra - Each class is accompanied by beautiful live sounds for healing and relaxation. Mantras will be taught for opening the heart, calming the mind and deepening divine connection.


Series Info

Beginning in April

Tuesday - 4:30 pm - 6 pm

Investment: By Donation

Venue: Bridge & Enrich (718 E 20th ave)

Please arrive early to start and end on time

Photography by Rishad Daroowala @rishad