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Ourselves, The Land & Each Other

Conscious Living is about raising our consciousness and supporting those around us to do the same. It's about creating the life we want and serving others naturally through the way we Iive. 

This may be one of the most important things we can do for the planet at this time. 

Through a skillful blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, powerful techniques and paradigm-shifting knowledge, you will be led by experienced guides on a deep of journey of authentic and conscious living that will ripple through the very fabric of your life. 

~ Three Pillars ~ 

Many traditions use three pillars that support our journey of conscious living. 

At our retreat those pillars are:

• Ourselves: Cultivating well-being through the body-mind practice of yoga. 

Each day you will be learning a holistic approach to self-development, exploring yoga as a path of integrating all dimensions of oneself through breath, movement, meditation and sound. 

You'll learn about organizing your body, mind, emotions and vital energy in a way that allows you to create the life that you want, and activate your bodies natural healing abilities. 

• The Land: Developing a living and harmonious connection with nature. 

We will be led by a respected indigenous elder in a traditional sweatlodge ceremony to connect us with ourselves, the land and each other. Learning the native wisdom of how to walk on the earth, observing the elements and participating in the rhythms of life will teach us how to live in balance. 

Each day we'll visit the garden to learn about the food we eat and how it's grown, using our activity breaks in nature to learn, relax and restore - deepening our knowledge about cosmic principles and how they apply to our life.

• Each Other: Fostering healthy relationships through conscious communication. 

We will learn powerful tools that turn our relationships into a catalyst for our own awakening, along with innovative approaches and cutting-edge science for creating the friendships and romantic relationships we really want. 

Facilitated evening sessions of music and movement will open our bodies, hearts and minds to dissolve obstacles and restore harmonious flow to our energy and intent. 

Take the plunge and unfold a way of life that will align your actions with your dreams - Now is the time.

Ticket Details:

The retreat includes three days of powerful, interactive sessions, delicious farm-to-table meals prepared fresh from the garden, and shared-dorm accommodation or one of our eight private rooms.


$99 Under 25/Abundance CA Members Rate
$120 Early Bird (before Aug 25th)
$140 Regular Rate


$80 per night Dorm Room
$100 per night Private Room

For more information on the program and facilitators, and to purchase tickets please follow this link:

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