Class Details - Every Week

Saturday’s - 11 am @ Riley Park off Main st.

Friday’s - 7am @ Unity Yoga (Commercial Drive)

The practice

Balance the Sun and Moon within - practicing yoga as a path of integration

The asana practice is foundational - rooted in universal principles while being grounded, simple and effective.

We practice different ways to tune, open, heal and bring balance to our mind-body system; class may include asana flows, pranayama techniques, meditation and mantra. 

The approach is gentle yet firm, progressive in levels of challenge and infuses theory into practice. 


What you learn

  • Develop a blended state of relaxation and focus

  • Understand how energy centers of the body are rooted in our anatomy and how they are regulated by our thoughts and emotions

  • Practice different ways to tune, open, heal and bring balance to our body and mind as a whole

  • Living wisdom and contemporary insights to guide you on the journey of self-awareness.


how you benefit

Reduce stress and chronic inflammation

Ease muscle tension

Activate the bodies healing abilities

Break habitual patterns that create physical, mental and emotional problems


“When the truth is known ignorance cannot be, when the mind is pure there is no disease, when the breath is mastered there is no death, therefore, surrender to Yoga.”
— T. Krishnamacharya


Photography by Rishad Daroowala @rishad